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Founded in 2016, The Accidental Housewife started with Kiss My Scrubs as the flagship brand. Featuring artisanal, small batch skin care products, it quickly expanded into additional scents and product offerings. In 2018, The Accidental Housewife diverged into Stitch On A Stick with an eye towards unique crochet items that were designed and made in house. Now, all the brands The Accidental Housewife has to offer are available in one spot. For your convenience, of course.


Ingredients for Kiss My Scrubs products are organic and sourced from small businesses, where possible. I make a concerted effort to avoid “big box companies” in order to support other businesses like mine. Wool yarn is sourced from independent dyers, especially those who hand paint or dye their wool. My recent fascination with hand colored wool has become somewhat of an obsession. I also use acrylic yarn for some items, though it is not yet locally sourced.


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The Accidental Housewife provides quality, handmade, artisan goods with the belief that everyone deserves the chance to relax, pamper, and treat themselves without guilt.


Stitch On
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Hand Crafted

“Do you make all of this yourself?” I get this question all the time at shows and markets. The answer is, of course, yes! Everything I sell, I make. Almost everything even comes from an original recipe or pattern. Ideas for new products come from all sorts of places including both research and out-of-the-blue inspiration. Every product you see is unique. Every batch is unique. Sure, the ingredients are the same, even the process is the same. But each turns out in it’s own special way. What does this mean for your, Dear Buyer? Those scarves you like? You are the only person who will have something that looks like that. The scrub you adore? Sometimes it might have an extra bit of magic. In short, this is the beauty of Hand Crafted.