It Is About Dang Time

Finally! It’s up and done! Well, not done as it is an ever evolving organism of a sorts. But it is at least completed enough that it is fit for public consumption. At long last, my new website is up and running. It took forever because Christmas, then colds, then New Years, then colds, then stuff.

My hope is that it will be easier to navigate than my old website. The new homepage is my storefront so my products are the first thing you see. I’ve decided (for now) that I am primarily a store and want to get my goodies out to as many people as possible. Since I occupy only a small portion of the internet, that will be about 15 of you. Kidding. Mostly.

A lot of my content is still around, but in a different place. You will be able to get to my Etsy shop from each product page if you decide you don’t want to order from my website. This is instead of having it on the landing page. You can find out more about me and my products on under the My Story link at the top of the pages. My Blog posts are under Blog, obviously. The Contact page has a ton of information now. You can see my latest Instagram photos, a link for my email, contact me from that page, get to my Etsy site, and see my calendar. Oh, and my social media links are all on that page. It’s a busy one! The More Info link brings you to information about choosing a scrub. I couldn’t think of where else to put it and I wanted it to be accessible. So there it landed. Finally, the Other Stuff link is a group of photos for other projects I have completed in the last couple of years.

As stoked as I am about the new website finally being up, it already requires updating. The other big change I’ve made to this lil’ business of mine is an expansion of product offerings. I’ve been working with crochet for 3ish years now and have become quite obsessed. I’ve reached the capacity of my friends and family to hold my blankets, hats, scarves, toys, and other trinkets, so I’m pushing them off on my buyers.

I’ve been working for the past month or so on completing baby blankets, hats, and scarves that are now for sale on my Etsy site. They will go up on this website within the next 2 weeks or so. I’m hoping by next week, but it’s not a good time to make commitments or push myself. I will be offering scrubs and blankets together for the perfect gift for a parent-to-be or the items can be purchased separately. All of the items up are completed and are ready to ship within 2-5 business days. I can make something custom as long as I can find the yarn type (the blankets are made with a 5 Chunky weight yarn) that I need in the colors you want. I’m always up for a challenge and would be happy to work on a custom project!


Let’s see. That’s about it for now. It’s all about researching tags to give good SEO and product photo sessions. Oh the life of a small business owner. Yay!