Now Introducing...

I am branching out, officially! Well, officially as in I have purchased the domain name. Which is about as official as I get some days.

Let me backup. When I started this venture, I knew that I probably wouldn’t want to be confined to the scrub game for all eternity. I have other interests and figured that I would want to explore them at some point down the road. So I registered my business under The Accidental Housewife. My plan was to have this as the overarching umbrella business that would eventually see the branching out. The first one was and is, obviously, Kiss My Scrubs.

After I decided (sounds better than cajoled and convinced by desperately over-yarned family members) to start offering my crochet for sale, I had a weird feeling that I needed to begin that branching thing. So I needed a name. I’ve been thinking about this for months. I’m an overthinker by nature, but this was a long time. Even for me. I couldn’t come up with something that struck the right cord and the same note as Kiss My Scrubs. Which is an obvious play on words that leaves some people laughing and others offended.

Partial, but not really, digression. I just finished listening to a 2012 talk by Dr. Brené Brown on Vulnerability and I learned a lot of really awesome things (seriously, look her up and soak it in). One thing I realized is that I am very vulnerable when I name my products. These names allow me to showcase a little bit of my personality and share my history with my customers. In some cases, the names are personal to me. In others, they are just me being, well, me. I’m putting a lot of myself out there. My real self; my real personality. Scary stuff.

So, you can imagine how abjectly terrifying it is to name an entire branch of my business. The endless self-talks, pep talks, consultations, the Googling. It paralyzed me for months. Which is why I usually name things after drinking. It lowers that threshold for me and allows me to forget about how much other people may care.

In this instance, the direction for naming this branch was decided after wine. The actual name was selected after a rough day with the kiddo and a late work day by Mr. Scrub. So really, the effect was the same as if I had imbibed.


All this to introduce Stitch On A Stick.

My Post (1).jpg

I think I’m happy with the new logo. I’m in the process of adding products to the website and coming up with packaging ideas. Oh, and I guess coming up with more products to actually sell. I won’t be separating my Etsy shop yet, but all crochet products purchased on Etsy will come with the Stitch On A Stick Label. For now, if you go to, you will be directed to the new product page on I’m keeping it all under one roof for the sake of ease. I’m excited to see where this experiment goes and to (more officially) share my work with the public!

(I designed my logo using the Adobe Spark program. It was awesome!)