Subscription Boxes are Live!

This is the first of four blog posts that I’ve needed to write for about a month now. To be fair, I only started with three. But I’ve taken so long that it’s up to four. Go me.

This first of the “Important Information” posts is on the most exciting of the four. It’s an idea that I talked about briefly in my post about new things happening. New things that were inspired by the attending of business camp. Things have finally started to come together and I think it’s ready to launch.

small box.jpg

Scratch that. I know it’s ready to launch.

I’ve put everything into place to start a subscription box service. And I’m little kid on Christmas morning excited about it. Also first day of school nervous about it. I’d pretend uber confidence, but I find it better to keep things more realistic.

large box 2.jpg

Boxes will ship once a month for 6 months or 12 months. You have a choice of seven different scrub combinations. Emulsified scrubs only right now, but I’m hoping to extend it to oil-based in the future. Shipping is included in the price and you can cancel at any time on or before the 9th of the month. If you cancel after that time, you’ll be charged for and receive that month’s box. A girl’s got to have some kind of system and rules in place or chaos will ensue. And I have three-year old. I need exactly zero extra chaos in my life.

You have a choice with your subscription. You can choose to pick your own scrubs each month or you can choose to let me curate your scrubs for you. Twice a year, April and October, you won’t have a choice and I’ll be making all scrub decisions. I’m using that time to launch new scrubs that will only be available to receivers of the subscriptions. They won’t be made available in my Etsy shop or website for a few months (at least) because subscription folks hold a special place in my heart. In between the private and public launchings, those people on my e-mail list will have a chance at them. Because I love them too.

box 1.jpg

In the coming months, lotion bars, scrubby bars, and bath bombs will be available to add onto your subscription for 10% off the retail price. So that’s fun.

With these subscription options, I’m putting a system in place that will let you feel free to use that scrub you’ve bought. You don’t have to save it. One is coming next month. You can scrub (as directed!) to your heart’s content without worrying that you won’t have some the next time you feel like pampering yourself. Scrubbing can become a routine part of your self care, well, routine. How awesome is that?

Check it all out! Click the button below to go to the Subscriptions page.

Questions? E-mail me at!