August 20, 2019

New Website Launch!

I guess the biggest indicator of how much I’ve let this blog slip is how long it took me to find the parent document. Yikes.

I’ve been kicking ideas around on what to do with this blog since I realized I was having a very hard time coming up with things I wanted to write about. It’s an inspiration problem, see? Also, it’s an attention span problem. I write too much for current attention spans. I can’t seem to stop writing once I start and, since I know no one is reading anyway, it’s hard to find that motivation to put forth the effort. 

If that makes sense. 

But, I knew I had to at least write something about the changes that have recently happened and are coming up soon. 

Soon-ish. I’m still trying to find my balance as a work from home mom. Yes, still. This shit isn’t easy.

Anyway. Welcome to the new website! 🎉

Here are some of the new features:

  • I’ve tucked away the shop pages in favor of a more traditional home page. Here you will find links to new products, sales, info about upcoming markets, and the new Scrub of The Month feature. I will probably be offering a deal on this scrub as things get underway. Stay tuned!

  • I’ve added some information about the business and what I stand for. 

  • You can find my most used hashtags on the home page.

  • There are links to My Story, as well as information about choosing an exfoliant and how to scrub. 

  • The navigation is pared down to include the shops and the blog.

  • There’s a FAQ page!

  • The calendar has been updated.

I’m working to make sure that the site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. There are also multiple places to contact me. As always, you can link to my social networks from the website.

I hope you like it and it works better for you than the last one. Thanks for hanging in there with me. This shit isn’t easy (that bears repeating).