For the third year in a row, I’ve set goals for myself. Ok, fine. You could say I’ve fallen into the void of New Year’s Resolutions. Except I usually don’t start them until after Super Bowl Sunday and they are only strictly enforced until October 6. Which is why I avoid calling them Resolutions and just say they are goals or intentions. Also, I have this bizarre aversion to doing things other people might think are cheesy or stupid. I don’t want to be cool but I want to be. I want to join in on the fun, but I also want to stay above the fray with the abstainers.

It should be obvious by now that I’m a mess. Back to the point.

The previous two years of goal setting were focused solely on my health and fitness goals. I cut out ice cream, cakes (except on birthdays), cookies, candies, and all the little bits of sugar that weren’t my mochas and Mocha Fraps. I dropped three pant sizes and found that I wasn’t craving the chocolate like I thought I would be when I called a halt to the “torture.” Last year I wanted to be more forgiving of myself and prove that I wasn’t weak or useless. I managed to conquer three exercises I avoided like the plague; and between February 13 (when I started a squat challenge) and December 31, I worked out all but 12 days. I also managed to curb the “I’m fat, stupid, and useless” talk for a while. Old habits, though.

This year I’m being more ambitious though. And more specific. I’m still going to carry over the no goodies except coffee thing after Super Bowl Sunday (I despise the month of January for personal tragedy reasons) and the workout thing (I started a new plank challenge today because I enjoy torture!). However, I’m also getting specific about eating and water goals because I know I need to change some bad habits. Which means I’m also going to be working on keeping my own internal “you’re the worst” speech from escaping my mouth. Words and thoughts are given power when allowed space in the real world and I’m tired of giving those ones so much of it.

Hokey, hokey, new age-y. Yelch. Please see the first paragraph for explanation.

I’m also setting out intentions for my business that go beyond “Be better. Make a profit.” Those aren’t really all that helpful anymore. Which means this blog will be updated every two weeks in conjunction with the email newsletter. Better to have a week off from the experience of faking confidence in my writing abilities. I’m hoping to use this two week period to lay out a plan for the first few months of blogging so it’s not just all flying by the seat of my pants. While fun, that’s not necessarily as sustainable.

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Talk Soon!