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Pardon My Dust

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So I went to small business camp last month and I took a lot of classes from some very talented and informed people. The problem with education is it gives you ideas. Big ideas. Big ideas that turn into hours of research, proposals, frustrations, breakdowns, gut checks, and, finally, fruition.

More Basics

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This time I think that it’s important to address another common question I get from people who stop by my booth. Ready for it?

“What is the difference between salt and sugar?”

Convinced the answer is either hideously complicated or an inane reason, this is asked with some reluctance. Though not inane and not too out there, the question is best answered in parts. Here we go.

Basics of The Scrub

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I am always amazed at the number of people who have no idea what scrubbing is and what scrubs do. So maybe I should explain it here a little bit. At their very basic, scrubs are a means of exfoliating your skin. You could literally take a handful of sugar and rub it on your skin and it would, technically, be a scrub. You are using an abrasive substance to remove the dead skin