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The Great Debate

How do you choose between salt and sugar?

Fear not! I have a solution for you. There are benefits (shared and separate) to both exfoliants.

Salt is a natural anti-bacterial agent. Think back to how people would, and probably still, salt their food items before they are stored in a cool space. The salt helps to keep the nasty rot-inducing bacteria away. Additionally, because of salt's affect on the skin, the nutrients that make up the salt are able to be absorbed into the skin.

Sugar is like honey in that it is a natural humectant. It draws moisture from the outside environment into itself. This is important when it comes to bringing back moisture, baby. Sugar also is helpful in breaking down the bonds between the dried, old, gross skin. Those bonds are like the evil stepmother keeping the pretty princess skin trapped in its tower. Free the new skin!

I apologize for my digression.

Anyway. Salt and sugar are both useful in their own similar and unique ways.

So, how to choose which one is right for you? If you have sensitive skin, you should use sugar. If you have any abrasions or lacerations (cuts or open wounds), you should use sugar. Common sense dictates that we shouldn't put salt on an open wound. Youch. Sugar is made up of smaller granules than salt so the exfoliation won't be as extensive. Sensitive skin (or not sure)? Use The Cajun's Delight scrub made with brown sugar until you know exactly how your skin will react to being scrubbed. Love lavender but not sure how your skin is going to react? Cane sugar isn't that large of a granule compared to the brown sugar. Try it out. See what works for your skin.

Now, the salt is going to -tear- your skin. Minutely, but it is going to happen. This sounds terrible, I know. Stay with me here. The -tearing- of your skin will allow those lovely, amazing, and wonderful oils we use in the scrubs to penetrate your epidermis. This process isn't for the faint of heart, or skin. If your skin is sensitive, don't use the salt scrub. Some people (like me) can take it and even enjoy it. Not everyone is like me. My utmost goal is to find a scrub combination that works for the individual and allows them to feel indulged and pampered. Not tortured. That is wrong.

For the record, these aren't really nasty bacteria. I don't want to offend any bacteria enthusiasts. These bacteria were actually super helpful in my former life as a bad-ass CSI lady. In other words, I have a healthy respect for these crazy little guys.