The Accidental Housewife

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The Who, What, Where, and Why

I hate talking about myself... much prefer the whole mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon thing.

Anywho, I never pictured myself as a housewife. Hence, the whole "Accidental" thing.  I was happily working along in My Career, the one I had gone to school for and had been so sure of since I was a tween, when things changed. After a losing bout with Total World Explosion (TWE), I quit my job for something less stressful. Such a thing turned out to be pregnancy and child rearing.

For Christmas the year following TWE, I wanted to do something extra special and extravagant for my wonderful and beautiful friends who had made sure I stayed firmly planted on this plane. Unfortunately, we were on a budget and no one really wanted a pony. So we went with homemade, natural, organic shower scrubs. We spent months in product testing (our favorite part, though our shower was never the same after we made one using coffee grounds) and settled on a few different products. They seemed to be a hit.

After the Offspring arrived, we packed up and moved from one coast to the other. I still didn’t have a job outside of the home and I started to get restless around that Year 1 mark. After a late-night discussion about my general frustration concerning my lack of monetary contribution and the absence of affordable organic skin products, I pitched a crazy idea. Mr. Scrubs has never been one to stand in the way of my crazy ideas (it’s how we ended up with an orange kitchen), so he agreed to fund and back this endeavor.

This little business of mine is constantly evolving as we combine his business acumen and my, mostly unchecked, creative desires. We expanded our offerings to include smaller scrub jars and different lotion bar scents. In addition, when I can get the recipe right, we offer aromatherapy tablets and bath fizzies.

All my products are all natural, organic, and handmade.  Ingredients that can be obtained locally are obtained locally.

I can also offer custom scents and am open to suggestions of scent combinations.  Oh, and gift baskets.  I am always open to working with you for bulk orders for a variety of events. We can work together to come up with a custom label if that would also be necessary or wanted.

Yours in Relaxation,

The Accidental Housewife