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Kiss My Scrubs | Stitch On A Stick


Scrubs reset your skin. Your skin is exposed to all kinds of stuff as you go throughout your day. The exfoliating agents (salt here) remove that top layer of your skin. It's dead skin anyway, and what gives your skin that scaly appearance. Away with it! That new skin layer that comes up benefits from the moisture of the oils mixed in. These oils will make your tub floor slick, so be careful! Added benefit? Scrubbing raises your circulation which gives you that rosy glow that usually represents healthy and happy skin. So many benefits, really. I offer these little pots of self spa-ness in two different sizes, Small and Large. Smalls are about 2 ounces each and Larges are about 8 ounces. The Small scrubs are perfect for try outs to find your perfect scrub. The Gift Box with 4 Small Sugar Scrubs is the best way to do this.

Scrub Offerings:


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